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As a gift to visitors of RalphiRosario.com, here is a free download of an exclusive, unreleased dub of "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. This is an exclusive dub mix that I've been rockin' at my resident club Hydrate, to show off a bit more of the production around the remix... I've been granted permission to offer this to you FOR FREE!! So enjoy, and let me know whatcha think!!!!! Please check back periodically for near future free downloads!!!

- Ralphi

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A MESSAGE FROM RALPHI - September 2005

Hello everyone!

First off, you've gotta forgive me for not taking the time to update the site, But unfortunately, I haven't gotten the okay to clone myself yet. At the moment, Its kinda in the rough stages, and well…When I can actually afford to have my clone, He'll pretty much be doing all my paperwork, website updates, etc…Till then, you may Have to deal with my lack of progress in cyberworld. Between my own email, DJ Schedule, remix/production schedule, its insane…

It once again has been a rollercoaster ride for me this year. I've actually had some great work come out this year, and judging from everyone's feedback and response, I'm quite pleased that I've reached everyone spiritually through my hard work, production and DJing! It tells me one thing; YOU'RE LISTENING!!!!

One of my highlights this year is no guess; PUSSYCAT DOLLS. Who would have known? Actually, I did….LOL! No kidding! When I first heard the song, I went bonkers.

I decided to really do it for a few strong points/reasons:

1. The songs lyrics mean lots of things, to lots of different people. Gay, Straight, Lesbian, bisexual, whatever!! I thought it was a great hook as well…

2. Okay folks, its no brain science but "Don't cha" WAS A SONG! Did we sing along to it? I know I did while working on it….It was very contagious..

3. The song was just, plain, fun. When was thee last time we experienced the word 'FUN' while the record was buzzing around lyrically? It's a rare breed, but fall is coming. And it DOES look promising as far as new songs/stuff is concerned.

Needless to say, "Don't Cha" adds another feather to my cap - this time in a national/crossover setting. Thanks to all of you for your support and love with this record. It actually helped me believe in myself again.

When you're around other people in the music business, and around fellow friends/producers etc, they just SOMETIMES have a tendency of sucking the life out of your creative work. They don't know they do this, but the negativity that has plagued us in clublife, dance music, the state of the actual music industry, has left a lot of people dry, broke, and left with no desire to finish off any sort of legacy. Thus having labels close, producers no longer producing (even though they've created GREAT work in the past), Djs enter rehab when they've always been aware of the fine line they've been expose to constantly, and my peers, fellow remixers and producers, just plain giving up It's a bit sad when I cannot find my fellow producers whom = I've lived for, and played for, disappear because of ONE BAD TASTE the industry has left them. Lets grow up people! Nobody said life was gonna be easy, or better yet, FAIR. Music is supposed to be a creative and fruitful release, not a plague or disease.

On another note; I've worked on 2 of my favorite artists, and they was NO CAN DO on them accepting The remixes:

1. Garbage "Bleed like me"

2. Gwen Stefani "Cool"

Please remember folks, its not the LABEL sometimes themselves accepting the work, it's the actual ARTIST that has the last word/laugh. These 2 tracks are not coming out for commercial release, but you guys already know, they're floating out there in cyberspace. Best of luck finding them. LOL!! Just don't ask me for a copy… I've already shelved them, and I've given up on them….Tisk…


Donna Summer "I Got Your Love"

(Love what I did to this...I actually spoke with her on the phone!!!!! She was great, funny, and I was verry nervous!!!!!! She went back in the studio to re-sing some adlibs for myself and my fellow remixers....)

Yello "Oh Yeah"

(Bueller, Bueller? Anyone, true or false? …Bueller? Love what I did to this Classic track!!! It sounds creeepy as fuck on a big system.....)

Rosabel "Rhythm Intoxication"

(Rosabel, myself and DJ Abel, are warming up the guns again....Watch out for this "That sound" Part 2 monster..Yummy.)

Until next time….Take care of yourselves people..Thanks again for all the love and inspiration…. And if you're a muscle bear, send pictures!!!!…LOL!!!!



@ HYDRATE - Chicago

(The Last Wednesday of Every month)


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